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Video - Friday - 22/08/14 - 12:55pm

Lavender Smokey Eye - Starring Sophie Dahl

This gorgeous lavender smokey eye make-up was a much requested look on my Instagram and Facebook. A recent red carpet look I created for the inimitable Sophie Dahl, it's easy to achieve and suits all colouring. X

On my nails, I'm wearing Nails Inc - Nail Kale in Bruton Mews

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Friday - 22/08/14 - 12:54pm

Flawless Friday! Lisa Loves - Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial

I'm loving using Ren's Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial at the moment. I smooth a thin layer all over my face (I don't rub as they suggest as it's a little grainy for my taste). Then add water which turns it in to a wonderfully smooth, rich lotion - and t...

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Video - Wednesday - 13/08/14 - 5:33pm

Simple Shimmer - Everyday Makeup Look

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Lisa Loves - Thursday - 07/08/14 - 2:02pm

Chanel - Collection États Poétiques

I’m away in Austria this week so won't be uploading my new video today (back in a few days though, so will upload early next week). In the meantime, fans of Chanel make-up may be interested to see this look I created for their site using their...

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Video - Wednesday - 30/07/14 - 5:16pm

Cleansing Balms and News Update!

Here's a little update on everything that's been happening at the House of Eldridge and an in-depth look at some of my current favourite Cleansing Balms.Xx

The nail varnish I am wearing is Jessica's White Cap

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Saturday - 19/07/14 - 4:50pm

Youth in a Tube

I have been working in Ibiza this week and while packing my personal bags and kit, I was thinking about how much choice we have now when it comes to facial suncreams. When I was in my teens, a very well-preserved Norwegian lady I knew told me off for...

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