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Video - Friday - 18/04/14 - 6:00pm

Dramatic, Graphic Liner Look For All Eye Shapes - Editorial / Magazine Makeup

When I uploaded some new work to Facebook recently, this particular look got a lot of love. A makeup mashup with different inspirations - modern 60s liner and lip with a pinch of18th Century French, Marie Antoinette beauty spot and blush. Full of liner tips for all eye shapes, take from the look what you like to suit you and your personality. I hope you enjoy watching this fun editorial look come together! X


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Monday - 14/04/14 - 6:33pm

Over £5000 worth of Make-Up training for a star of the Future!

I adore looking at all the make-up looks you create and post on my social media so much so that I set up a #mylisalook Pinterest board which features all your fabulous creations. It’s fun to see how you adapt my tutorials to...

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Friday - 11/04/14 - 12:49pm

Lotion Low Down - Smooth Into Summer

It's always a bit of moment when the legs finally come out of hiding for Spring. Although I usually need to give mine a hint of colour so I don't scare the neighbours, the condition of the skin is usually good. My thinking goes that body care (like e...

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Video - Thursday - 03/04/14 - 2:32pm

Easy, Pretty, High School/College Makeup - Teen Beauty Tutorial

An easy make-up for teens and makeup newbies who want a simple, pretty look using high-street / drugstore products. Great for high school or College!

I also mentioned by Acne / Blemish Covering Up Makeup Film which you can watch here.

For more tips on eyebrows, you can watch My Brow Routine here

Thanks again to the gorgeous Sophie 

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